About Me

Think of the salt in your food, or the lightbulb in your room. Tiny things can make big differences.
I’m a young social entrepreneur driven to impact my communities. The feeling of helping people all over the world is life-changing.

Most people have an AHA moment in their life, when they finally figure out what life they would like to pursue. I found my AHA moment when I created my own website – from scratch – designed to help patients struggling with COVID-19. The goal of this site was to compile info regarding COVID-19 drugs – the information in fancy research journals – into a simple layout.

My interest in drug design only grew from there. I began dabbling with the Schrödinger software as time went on, and now perform drug docking studies in cancer, specifically lymphoma. I’m especially interested in cancer personalized vaccine and neoantigen based therapies.

You can visit my site at thecoronapage.com.

For more information, check out my LinkedIn page!

To contact me for more information, visit the contact page!

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